As a lifelong learner and NLP Modeler I have become versatile in supporting my clients in many areas.  You can check out my work in the different areas below. For nearly two decades I made it a regular habit of travelling abroad every year to learn something new in the training & development arena and bring it back to Indian clients & students. Now I am spending more of my time discovering the treasure trove that is already available within India and within the collective unconscious.


Both of my parents are born deaf. So my first language is sign language. That contributes to my unique perspective in life.  Since both my parents left their homes to get married to each other because of caste, language and economic differences, I find myself able to make friends easily with those who resonate with equality, kindness and goodness and at the same time unable to identify with any community.  

Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy, the principal of PSBB schools gave me a scholarship for the entire schooling period owing to my parent's desire to give me the best. For that, I am always grateful to her.  I owe most of my good English and communication skills to the untiring efforts of my school teachers who took a special interest in me.

My father Mr.B.Krishnamurthy was an avid sportsperson(he took part as an Indian athlete in the first deaf Olympics)  and a leader for the deaf community for 30 years. He ensured that I actively contributed in the deaf community service as an interpreter, facilitator and fundraiser. I handled most of my father's official correspondence and telephonic communication till his retirement. Now he uses ChatGPT to take care of his emails!

My late mother Lila Krishnamurthy was a great negotiator, cook, tailor and arts & crafts fanatic who always won whenever she played Bingo!  Excepting tailoring I have inherited all her skills and good luck.  I have a younger brother Srinath with an age gap that made it unnecessary for me to have any children, I already experienced surrogate fatherhood!

Finding no major encouragement for humanities at my school, I started attending training programs while in school after being introduced to a hypnotherapist who turned the direction of my life. I continued to attend programs later in college with  Indian & International trainers all over the world in communication, hypnotherapy, management, sales, marketing, finance, leadership, people skills, accelerated learning technologies, neuro-linguistic programming, systemic thinking, empowerment, personal development, alternative technologies, sustainable development & healing.

In order to make money to attend training programs during school and college I did a variety of jobs including secretarial work, door-to-door sales, newspaper delivery, Interpreting services, market surveys, tuition, selling training programs, writing articles, counselling and conducting training programs. While working with IMRB  I pulled off a research survey in the impenetrable Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant. It still brings a smile to my face that I did that!


I started my employment by working with my favourite trainer Kichu Krishnan by selling tickets to the time management workshops that he conducted in Chennai. A year later I became the director of Evolution & Development Training India, a subsidiary of a French Training Organisation Evolution & Développement during my final year in college.

Other employments includes

Marketing Head - World School, a training organization in Bombay the highest net profit earning company in the training industry for the years 1997 & 1998. I must put it on record that the World School turned out to be a cult and I spent the next few years undoing the damage the cult did. One day I hope to write a book about that phase of my life!

Head of Training - Sify Iways, India's largest internet company at that time and part of the team that increased the cybercafe chain from 600 to 2500 all over India. 

Head of Training(Soft Skills) - Hexaware technologies, part of the team that built HexaVaristy the corporate university for all their 3050 employees. 

Crime fighter

For a brief time during the turn of the last century I was in the world of crimefighting busting piracy rackets all over India for the Motion Picture Association of America. My records for cleaning the industry through non-enforcement means are unparalleled by any other associate in any other country including the US where it is a federal offence. I also worked as a paralegal consultant building cases against individual and companies that infringed on my clients' copyrights, trademarks and patents. 

NLP Modeler

For the last 19 years, I have been fascinated with the study of NLP and have gotten trained with several NLP trainers.  Dr. John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP personally mentored me as a NLP Modeler. Modeling is the ability to study genius, make a model that replicates their genius and transfer it reliably through an education format so that others can replicate that genius. I owe my versatility and ability to pick up skills fast to NLP Modeling. Some of the modeling projects that I have done include 

1. Language Learning  - First Fluency

2. Turning Loss making companies around

3. Skeet Shooting Coaching

4. Accelerated Learning

5. Stock Market Trading

6. Public Speaking


Spiritual Teacher

I hesitated a lot to put this up since I think it is grandiose to think of one as a spiritual teacher. I avoid debates on the qualifications of a spiritual teacher when it arises. Since I am a two-time cult survivor and having met several hypocrites along my spiritual journey, I am an authority of who is not a spiritual teacher and whether an organisation is a cult or otherwise. Now I can smell trouble a mile away and give advice on what & who to avoid, therefore now I see myself as a spiritual teacher who saves time of spiritual aspirants.  I am an advisor to the board of  'Association of Spiritual Integrity', a worldwide association to foster integrity and accountability with spiritual leaders, therapists and coaches. They serve as a peer group to me and other like-minded teachers across the globe. Any teacher who is without a peer group or accountability is to be avoided as a matter of abundant caution in my opinion. 

Management Consultant

I have consulted with several of the organisations that were owned by the business families that I have been a mentor to. I do a combination of organisational development work, profit maximisation, leadership development and finding unique solutions to their teams & companies.  Currently, my favourite work is bringing in a culture of conscious growth and integrity in organisations. 

Mental Fitness Coach

When I first learned NLP I immediately focused my attention on sportspeople. I had good fortune of sending some cricketers to the Indian cricket team and thereafter there was no looking back. I have trained  Naveen Jindal, National Skeet Shooting champion, Rajyavardhan Rathore, Olympic double trap shooting champion and cricketers such as Dinesh Karthik, Robin Uthappa, Sreesanth, Munaf Patel & R.P.Singh. I was instrumental in supporting Rathore to win the Asian Bronze medal in 2006 at Doha. 

I have trained at the following institutions 


I do brief therapy(anywhere between 1 to max 8 sessions) with people in person or online using NLP and other modalities that I have learned over the last 30 years. I definitely am not a full-fledged psychotherapist but I have trained & coached enough psychotherapists over the years and earned their respect & referrals. I work well with couples issues, compulsions, phobias, anxiety, allergies, grief resolution, midlife crisis, PTSD, self-esteem issues, cult survivors, survivors of abuse & other psychosomatic ailments. I also am trained to work with issues faced by the LGBTQ community. I avoid issues dealing with addictions or psychiatric ailments which require long -term care as there are better people than me suited for that. Almost 80% of the time the therapy session ends with a client being coaxed to tell the truth to everybody. 

Visiting Faculty

I have taught International communication at IIM-Bangalore & Accelerated Learning at XLRI,Jamshedpur.  The other places that I have enjoyed teaching include:

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Annamalai University

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

IIT Chennai

Madras School of Social Work

Adclub, Chennai

College of Architecture, Pune

Hindustan Insititute of Technology & Science

D.G.Vaishnav College

S.R.M Engineering College

Panimalar School of Management

Sathyabhama Engineering College

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering


I am the co-author of the book" TI-90" along with the genius V.N.Barve who developed a system of teaching touch typing in less than an hour to a novice. 

The three books that I am working on are


I have been supporting authors to convert their books to Kindle/ebook versions so as to ensure that their work is available for posterity.  My training and experience in Accelerated Learning, Paralegal work and Publishing (my client for 3 decades is a Publisher and I have stepped in over the years to run various projects with them) has put me in the best place to get this accomplished. I am always on the lookout to rescue rare books and manuscripts, scanning them into searchable PDFs, coaxing publishers & authors to settle their legal disputes and harassing family members of deceased authors to allow me to republish the unavailable books into Kindle. The first six books of NLP are not available as ebooks because of legal issues. I keep a tab on most pirated books of NLP on Amazon and put enough pressure on them to remove them promptly . I hope to have properly edited, legally in the clear kindle versions of those 6 books one day. 

These are the following books that I have copyedited and converted to Kindle edition  

Keynote Speaker

I have been  called by various companies, educational institutions and associations to deliver keynote speeches.  I am known for my informal, inclusive and humourous style while promoting curiosity and learning.  Some of the places where I have given speeches in the last 5 years are below.

Business Family Mentor

As a business family mentor, I have helped business, political and royal families in creating their governance constitutions, sorted family issues over properties/companies, fostered deeper relationships with family members and mentored young turks to take on the reins of leadership in large business families in India and abroad.

The list of services  extended to the families include

Some of the Business Families who have consulted with me are below:


I started training to earn money to attend training programs in college. I have continued to teach a variety of topics including Sales, Marketing, Systems, Coaching, Healing, Therapy, Modalities, Negotiation, Goal Setting, Tailor made programs and other soft skills for the last 3 decades spanning 51 cities in India and 11 countries abroad.

As a NLP specialist, I have done a lot of trainings around NLP. You can refer to the NLP India website to know more

Some of the companies that I have trained include:


Philips software Ltd

Infoview Technologies, Tokyo

HCL Technologies

CTS, Zurich

CTS, Amsterdam

Hexaware Technologies

Kumaran Software



Jindal Steel & Power

John Deere India

Art D Inox

Tupperware India Ltd

LG, Dubai 

Uniphos Ltd.

Miensok Kunstofftechnik, Germany

Satchidanand Stencils 

Consumer Goods

Nourish Organics



RK Foodland

Newgen Knowledge Works Pvt. Ltd. 

Global Publishing Solutions Ltd, UK

Thomson Reuters, Kuala Lumpur

Capgemini India

Hammock holidays

Hinduja Hospital

Credit Suisse Bank, Zurich

Standard Chartered Bank

Grey Matter Infotech

Mahaveer Finance India Ltd



I have coached several hundred people both in life coaching and executive coaching over the years. The clients include Billionaires, Politicians, Royal family members, Business Owners, CEOs, Corporate Executives, Professionals, Students and Homemakers. On days when there is no scheduled coaching sessions the nearest people in my vicinity become victims of unsolicited advice!

Since I have an eclectic background, these are the following modalities that I use in my work: 


I have both conducted and funded the research in the areas of:

You can visit my NLP website to know more.